Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I place my order how long will it to make?

A. On average it is 8-10 weeks to ship. Everything we make is made to order. When you place an order we personally go to the mills to hand select the wood you chose. We only use wood that meets our high standards. There have been rare times we arrive at the mill and decided to wait for the next run of a particular species. Our goal is to deliver your selection as quickly as possible. We will never cut corners just to ship something. We want you to be completely satisfied with your decision and we value our relationship with you because you selected us to make something you will have in your home for a very long time.

Q: Do you do custom orders?

A. Yes we do. We can make any of our pieces to fit a size or color. If you have a particular color or stain we can work to match it. We can design something for you or you can supply your own design.

Q. Do you offer discounts for large orders?

A. Yes we do. We would have to discuss the order and from there we would be able to figure out your savings.

Q. Why is there an odor from my furniture?

A. Since everything is built to order the sealers are still fresh. We will not ship something wet but because this isn’t sitting in a warehouse for moths or years it will take some time to dissipate.

Q. There seems to be a change in size with my pieces. Why does this happen?

A. Wood is natural and the humidity or lack of humidity will cause changes. Wood will swell in the summer if humid and shrink during the winter or in dry climates.

Q. Can I represent your products?

A. Yes we sell our products through retailers, interior decorators and other channels. Please give us a call. If you are not in a territory already covered and it makes sense we would welcome another avenue for sales.

Q. My order arrived damaged what do I do?

A. First of all we are very sad to learn that anything we made was damaged and it happened to a customer. All orders are photographed as they are being crated for insurance purposes. All orders are shipped fully insured. It is important that your piece is opened and inspected in front of the delivery service. If a claim needs to be submitted please call us right away. We will assist you with your claim to the best of our ability.

Q. Can I return my order?

A. Please see the returns policy.

Q. What form or payment do you accept?

A. Cash, check and credit cards.

Q. Do you offer financing?

A. No we do not.

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