• $2,700.00

    Antique Factory Cart Kitchen Island or......

    Creativity comes to mind in our limited edition line. Limited because we only have 22 carts to work with. These beautiful pieces of American history were used in a baseball bat manufacturing plant in Vermont. The plant closed when the owner retired after 60 years in business.

    The carts are all over 100 years old and come in a variety of sizes. The larger carts we felt would make amazing butcher-block top kitchen islands. They are very heavy as the wheels are solid iron and the wood is hardwood and aged to perfection. The top and drawers we made are of new Vermont wood and food safe. 

    The cart pictured has an oak top and we stained the top with espresso beans we soaked in mineral oil to give it a rich look that is safe for food. You can use it as a cutting board as well. The top is end grain for longevity 

  • $495.00

    Spruce Burl Accent Table

    Spruce Burl Accent Table with Antique Lawn Roller Base

    Looking for a unique piece for your home or office take a look at this table. The top is from a Vermont spruce burl that was over 40 feet in the air. We were able to shape this into a creative live edge top. There are curves in it but it is a fully functional piece. 

    The base is an antique lawn roller. The lawn roller predates the lawn mower. American history over a 100 years old. The top is secured busing another piece of American history. When you look under there might be a saw blade. No longer used to cut wood it now cradles it.  There won’t be another one like this in your neighborhood.

    Top coat is an epoxy resin so it is very durable. We recommend if you like to use candles that you place a coaster between the candle and the table surface to protect from heat.

  • $1,800.00

    Antique Hand Truck Coffee Table

    Antique industrial repurposed for your home. A beautiful oak hand truck comes back to life with the addition of a lot of sweat and sore muscles working Cal’s magic. He incorporated reclaimed oak boards to make the lower shelf, parts from an antique tractor to build the support for the tempered glass top.

    Neatly store or display items below the glass while enjoy having a great place to rest you feet at the end of the day or show off your favorite pictures. Sky’s the limit with what you can do with your new addition.

  • $850.00

    Display End Table

    From the design of our secret storage table lines we bring you the not so secret storage line!

    Do you have precious collectables you want to put out but have curious cats who think they are hockey or baseball stars? How about lovable dogs with long happy tails that love clearing the table for you? Oh and how about the kids who know they shouldn’t play ball in the house but do it when you aren’t home?

    Yes we know there are more scenarios and many more reasons why our closets are full of things we love but never put out because they might get broken.

    Solved with style is our Rogue Artisan display line. We can make these the fit just about any room. We use tempered glass so you have even more protection for your loved ones and your treasures. An added bonus of these tables is the lack of dusting for what’s displayed inside.

    Our European soft close hinges are easy to operate to access the contents inside and for easy cleaning when it is time to clean the glass you simply open the side and push up from the bottom.  Tempered glass is heavier than normal glass so be sure you have help if you need it to remove the top.

    Pictures shown are of tables we already delivered. We have an end table in natural finish made with brown maple. It’s really beautiful piece. We can customize the finish and wood selection. We included a picture of a display coffee table. Coffee tables start at $1,100.00   

  • $1,400.00

    Antique Sleigh Runner Bench

    What would Vermont be like if we didn’t have mountains and snow? Perhaps fewer snow tire sales!

    But that’s not the case. We have some of the best mountains for skiing and lots of ski lodges and cabins where this beautiful bench should be.

    We came across these sleighs in Brimfield Mass at the antique show and with the addition of some Vermont Ash and Cal’s creative mind we have a fully functioning Bench. The top is new wood (ASH) that was shaped and matched to the sleighs original color. The front sleigh moves so in theory you could use this for a run but we would not recommend that.

    It is a beautiful bench the entire family can use at the same time getting ready to hit the slopes.

    It is 8 feet in length 17.5 inches deep and 16.75 inches high

  • $650.00

    Kitchen Table with stone inlay

    Smile every time you enter your kitchen when you see your new table.

    Made from reclaimed spruce that was resawn, handcrafted to size and then accented with a beautiful turquoise color stone inlay.

    Perfect for smaller homes as the table measures 42''x28'' so it can seat 4 people comfortably

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