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About Us

Located in Vermont, Rogue Artisans is a furniture design concept company. We design unique pieces and make everything you see by hand. Our focus is efficient use of space as it relates to safe/secret storage for things you care about. We also work with reclaimed wood and other antique items that still have a purpose to produce really nice rustic pieces too. We hand select all of the wood we use to make these amazing creations. Our furniture is built to last for generations.

Our Team


Jonathan Mogor

I am an Iraq war veteran. After serving six years in the United States Navy from 1991-1997 I left to begin what has become a rewarding life of self-employment. Not always easy, but in life it’s how we view things that determines the outcome. I served on the USS Independence CV-62 in Japan and the USS Simon Lake AS-33 in Italy. Our motto on the Simon Lake was “Results Not Excuses” I strongly believe in that motto and although I don’t know the person who wrote that for my ship, I give thanks for it and apply it every day in my personal life as well as in business. Now as the founding officer of Rogue Artisans I have the pleasure of designing the things we make and get to work with awesome people who have passion, a great sense of humor and a positive outlook on life.

Cal Payne
Owner and Chief Design Officer

Cal is the master behind and in front of making our designs come to life. Cal has been in the business for a decade but has been making fine crafts long before going pro. I call him Yoda because anything I ask him when we are going over our concepts he has a great solution for. His abilities, knowledge and passion for perfection are reflected in everything he does. Rogue Artisans and everyone who has a product made by us is very lucky to have a great man like Cal involved.

Support Team

The guys are amazing craftsman who take us from design concept to the finished products you see. Every day at our studio when the lights and equipment are turned on, our creativity and craftsmanship comes to life. Our goal is to build amazing furniture for you that combine style, quality and functionality. When you have a Rogue Artisan creation in your home or office you have something very unique, one of a kind and built for life.


74 Portland Street     Morrisville, Vermont 05661     802.851.7373

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